Is It Going To Be Funny In Philadelphia This Thursday?

Posted by on October 8, 2012 at 12:02 pm

It used to be funny-sunny in Philadelphia. Now it’s just…weird.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia will return with the usual dysfunctional, self-obsessed antics in its 8th season premiere this Thursday. Can you believe the first episode aired 7 years ago? I like to refer to those times as the “golden era of Sunny”. Will the gang be able to get out of their weird humor-forced rut and be funny this time around? Let’s forecast this shit.

If you remember specific scenes from any of the episodes from the last two seasons of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, clearly you have a sharper mind than most humans; That or you actually enjoyed the uninspired seasons that made up the last two years.

I’m not trying to be mean or pessimistic. I absolutely loved the first 5 seasons. The episodes were generally well written, executed the same, and weren’t trying too hard to be offensive or funny. Recently, it seems that their main objective is to exploit an offensive subject and make light of it. That tactic worked when the characters were (mostly) relatable. Now, every character is so ridiculously flawed that watching a train wreck sounds more enjoyable. The only way to fix this mess is to bring in more character development. What brought the last few seasons down were unnecessary call backs. It’s as if they ran out of ideas and said, “OH, they LOVE green man. Let’s do another green man episode!” Perhaps that’s why they’re replacing the cast. Or are they?

I honestly think Xzibit could play a better Charlie than Candace. But that’s just me.

In a strange marketing stunt, ads all over the media have been promoting a completely new cast. From Xzibit as “Dee” to Candace Cameron as “Charlie”, this new gang really makes no sense whatsoever. The commercials seem to break the 4th wall, with the real gang watching their own promo. It’s weird.

Will there be an episode where the OG gang watches this bizzaro IASIP and realize just how much the show resembles them? Or will they be in a full episode without any explanation? Regardless of the odd marketing, I believe they’ll be going back to their roots – a show about nothing. My forecast says this season will triumph the last two. But I guess we’ll find out if it’s true starting this Thursday!



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