‘Defiance’ MMOFPS Released, Tie-In Television Premiere Imminent

Posted by on April 3, 2013 at 8:01 am


Today, Trion Worlds announced the release of their highly anticipated MMOFPS, Defiance. We were able to put our hands on this one at E3 and it was pretty hot. Now, almost a year later, our Best of E3-nominated shooter has hit store shelves across the world.

On April 15th, the Defiance television show – which is directly related to and intertwined with the game – will premiere on SyFy.

In what is most certainly the craziest twist I’ve ever heard of in gaming, Trion Worlds and SyFy have come together to mix a television show and an MMO game in such a way that the two will directly effect one another. Events that happen in the game will affect the television show and vice-versa. I’m still not 100% on how all of it ties in, but I’m damned interested in checking out the show and finding out.

In the meantime, Defiance the game dropped today, allowing people all over the world to get their kill on and, hopefully, get a bit of television glory at the same time.

“We’re incredibly proud that after five years of development, we are bringing this ambitious project to life,” said Nathan Richardsson, VP of Development for Trion and Executive Producer of Defiance. “The game launch is just the beginning of a truly unique entertainment experience and, in a couple weeks’ time, you’ll be able to tune into Syfy to see the story unfold, the characters develop, and realize transmedia entertainment unlike ever before.”

I can’t wonder who will be the next to jump on this bandwagon. While you wait, check out the sexy launch trailer!

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