Let’s Talk About Feed The Beast Ultimate For ‘Minecraft’

Posted by on May 29, 2013 at 9:03 am
There's gadgets in them thar hills!

There’s gadgets in them thar hills!

It’s no secret; I’ve never been that big of a fan of Minecraft. I’m that guy who will get a hankering from time to time and want to go build something cool, will spend a couple of days in game digging and building and testing, then get what I wanted to build all finished up, get bored and not play again for eight months.

Lately though, I’ve been exposed to the some of the mods out there in the community and things have taken a bit of a turn.

As Kelly mentioned, we were formally introduced to Feed The Beast (and have a server running that mod pack now, along with our vanilla server) and the entire world of Minecraft, as I knew it, was turned on its head. Gone are the days of “dig some stuff, build some stuff, get bored after a day, yawn, bye!” Now it’s about finding the materials to increase my ability with magic, making new wands and weapons so I can raid the Nether in order to get materials so I can build bigger and better stuff including geothermal power generators (pictured above) from which I can string together rick crushers, recyclers, electric furnaces, macerators, and more.

Better living through science

Better living through science

Those things will power my home and allow me to do all the crafting I need to do, which can include things like carbon fiber nano swords, power armor, jet packs, computers, plasma guns and more.

And how do I keep myself fed and healthy whilst doing all of this building and digging and pumping and powering? Well, due to my excursions into the world of magic (they call it Thaumcrafting, from thaumaturgy) I have been able to build a fully automated farm. No, I’m not talking about a farm that uses pistons and flowing water to chop and move product either. I’m talking about a farm staffed by magically controlled slave labor in the form of golems which plant and harvest my fields and store the resulting produce for me to pick up at my leisure.

They aren't too smart but hey, it's free labor!

They aren’t too smart but hey, it’s free labor!

Suddenly, there’s something to strive for… global domination! We have quite a few people playing on this new server and we started out as a community but slowly began to drift off in our own directions, doing our own things and building up our stockpiles of materials so we can do anything we like.

I think I’ll go build an arcane borer, now. It’ll carve huge swaths of earth away so I don’t have to do it manually. It’s time to get my mine on!

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