E3 2013: 3 Reasons Why EA’s Presser Was More Exciting Than Microsoft’s

Posted by on June 10, 2013 at 5:53 pm
It's a special kind of day when EA has one of the best conferences.

It’s a special kind of day when EA has one of the best conferences.

Typically, the best press conferences are shown by the big dawgz (Microsoft, Sony). After being “wooed” at Microsoft’s blunder bust, I began to worry about EA’s presentation. But what started out as a nervous and cautious gut feeling, ended up being the best damn presser I saw.

If you streamed Microsoft’s briefing, then you know exactly how bland it was. At one point Johnny noticed that my focus was on the giant teleprompter; which shined more life than anyone on stage. And thats my beef with M$. The presenters seemed to be less organic than the natural shrimp burrito I had for lunch.

So, my expectation going into EA’s presser? Incredibly low. Needless to say, I was blown away.

Here’s why:

1. Food was provided.

I wasn’t expecting 5 food trucks to be waiting with some sweet yum-yums. But they did. The long lines were annoying at first. Then I remembered how long I stood in line for Microsoft and I didn’t get anything from that.

2. No wait.

Seriously. The only lines were at the food trucks. Compared to Microsoft’s “Early priority seating” which ended up making us stand in line regardless, EA did a stand up job.

3. It was actually entertaining.

To me, Microsoft’s E3 Press Briefing was more like a showcase for trailers of games. At least at EA, the 3 screens would move side to side with one levitating to and fro, creating an interactive component to the briefing. They also had a few celebrities join the stage. And while most read off a teleprompter, they seemed more genuine. That’s what wins me. Plus, EA is bringing back Star Wars: Battlefront. Thank you, EA!

Even though I do not like the direction Microsoft has taken the Xbone in, I look forward to getting my hands on a few games here at E3. Then and only then, can I solidify my extreme distaste.

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