E3 2013 – Microsoft, What Were You Thinking?

Posted by on June 11, 2013 at 11:43 am
Nothing to see here...

Nothing to see here…

Hey, Microsoft, did you see Sony’s E3 Press Conference last night? Pretty harsh, huh? Did you notice how Sony systematically exposed every one of the Xbox One’s weaknesses? Did you see how the PS4’s price point, connectivity requirements and used game strategy are far more user-friendly than the Xbox One’s?

Seriously, Microsoft, what were you thinking?

Did you forget that you still have competition in the console space? Did you think that you would just come to E3, show off a couple of games at your own press conference and then call it a win?

Don’t you have bean-counters in Redmond? Didn’t somebody add up the specs of the PS4 and the Xbox One and realize the glaring price difference that you would be asking consumers to pay? Did you come to E3 fully aware that your console was going to be priced $100 more than your competition? And you still thought that was a good idea?

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