E3 2013 Reveals Gaming Journalism Is Bullshit And Other Secrets You Didn’t Know

Posted by on June 13, 2013 at 10:06 pm


Step 2. You Realize It’s Pointless To Attend E3 Press Conferences

Do you know what the difference is between being in Los Angeles attending E3 game conferences and watching them on Spike TV or through your web browser? In the case of the former, you have to wake up at 5AM to get priority seating starting at Microsoft’s (since theirs is usually first) and then begin the dire march from conference to conference over the next twelve hours. For the latter, you can sit comfortably with a good meal and plenty of available water when you’re at home. So what’s the point of even having such big press conferences to physically be at when the stuff is being streamed to all channels of the internet forever?

There isn’t. So who’s making money off being in-person and reporting on these things? That same inner circle of massive game outlets; the big players who can make tons of revenue off providing proprietary streams and tied-in content and live shows and analysis after the fact with exclusive interviews with the big developers and game makers who are at the show. If you can’t do that, it’s absolutely pointless to attend these shows in person.

So why are these crowds so full? Why do they send invite so many people attend and have them standing in gymnasiums for hours at a time to see exactly what everyone else around the world with an internet connection can see? Because then they would have to fill those seats with actors and extras, which they already do, to a lesser extent.

And Ubisoft? Those who went told me they scrambled to fill seats, they just didn’t want to invite us I guess.

So now you go to the show floor…

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