E3 Blocks OUYA’s Booth and Calls the Cops

Posted by on June 11, 2013 at 10:43 pm
Can't stop the OUYA party.

Can’t stop the OUYA party.

Whoa, the ESA, who runs the E3 conference, apparently blocked OUYA’s parking lot booth with a 18-wheeler trailer and called the cops on them. This is a pretty extreme thing to do. Outside of the West and South hall lobbies you can see parking lots. These are usually full of cars with attendants waving down passers by demanding upwards of $45 cash for parking but there are also a few booths that are open to the public, like OUYA.

Well according to OUYA a big-rig trailer was plopped right in the sight-range of the South hall making it invisible to people standing around outside. OUYA fought back by placing a banner on the trailer and then someone called the cops on them. We don’t know exactly who it was but that’s just not cool. Look I have my own beef with OUYA since my console was sent to the wrong address but I don’t think I would block their booth because of it.

OUYA later put up a banner on the ICON Lounge’s building that is impossible to miss.

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