‘ARMA 3’ Beta Update Adds New Vehicles

Posted by on July 16, 2013 at 10:55 pm
Arma 3 - THE battlefield simulator

Arma 3 – THE battlefield simulator

One of the things that the ARMA series is best known for is the coordination of combined arms on the virtual battlefield and it’s becoming clear that ARMA 3 will be no exception. The game already had numerous vehicles and today Bohemia added two more to the dev branch of the beta. To the point: I’ve played with them.

The two vehicles introduced today (among many other changes contained in a 3.7 gig patch) are the Blufor Panther and the Opfor Cheetah. Both of these are tracked vehicles (meaning they have tracks like a tank instead of wheels like a truck) and both of them can carry personnel into battle. The vehicles are quite different from each other both stylistically and functionally.

The Panther is an armored vehicle which hold a full crew compliment of 11 (including driver, gunner and commander) and is armed with a 40mm “GMG” or Grenade Machine Gun and a 12.7mm (.50 caliber) machine gun.

The Panther Fighting Vehicle

The Panther Fighting Vehicle

The Cheetah is an entirely different beast. It also holds a significant number of troops but is armed with a 40mm cannon which fires general purpose explosive rounds and armor piercing rounds. It also carries a 6.5mm machine gun and two anti-air rockets for those times that you’re being harassed by a pesky helicopter.

The Cheetah Fighting Vehicle

The Cheetah Fighting Vehicle

In the future, we know that more and more vehicles will be added, including tanks. We also think they will be adding close air support planes like the A-10 (which will make this writer do pee pee in his pants!). We’ll update more as more stuff is put in!

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