Upcoming Phoenix Wright Title Catches An M Rating

Posted by on July 18, 2013 at 2:11 pm
The Ace Attourney catches an M rating

The Ace Attourney catches an M rating

What’s this world coming to? I’ll tell you! It’s coming to the point where a Phoenix Wright title, namely “Dual Destinies” manages to grab itself an M rating from the ESRB. How’d that happen?

Well, in this case, the ESRB quotes “…the nature of the various crimes and storylines…” as the reasoning behind the rating of this latest title in the Phoenix Wright series, all of which have garnered “Teen” ratings in the past. I have played a couple of the Phoenix Wright games in the past, on my Nintendo DS Lite (The series is made by Capcom for the Nintendo systems and, more recently, iOS) and I have found them to be quite a bit of fun.

Even with the Teen rating, I have always found the games to be mature and intriguing (And I’ve always loved kicking Miles Edgeworth in the virtual nutsack during trial). The titles in the past have been given the ratings labels Violence, Suggestive Themes, Blood and Language in the past and this title is no different so I am wondering what kind of spin Capcom put on the game that managed to catch it an M rating…Curious and strangely optimistic, that is.

I am reminded of watching season after season of “The A: Team” back in the day and seeing cars explode, bullets fly, men get blown out of third floor windows by grenades etc…and never get killed, then seeing the series finale wherein scores of men were killed – by explosions, machine gun fire, car accidents, etc… Sure it was the same show and it followed the same formula but it was so much more.

I’m kind of hoping this follows that same path.

Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies will be available through the 3DS shop this fall.

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