Walmart Wants Customers To Deliver Other Customers’ Online Orders

Posted by on March 28, 2013 at 9:17 am
Needs more lockers.

Brought to you by,uh, other people.

The Walmart braintrust in Bentonville, Arkansas is at it again, this time with a real doozy of a measure. Picture this: you stop by Walmart to pick up your groceries, then at the same time, pick up someone else’s groceries and deliver them. Sure, you’re an errand boy (or girl), but you get a discount in the process. What could possibly go wrong?

Oh sure, you could just have the customers pick up their orders in a locker at your store, but why waste the space? It’s just a ‘thinking out loud’ exercise at this point that’s still a year or two from any (real limited) implementation, but imagine a random rolling up to your house with your groceries. Walmart calls this a kind of crowdsourced effort, but my groceries and really, just food altogether, is a very intimate matter to me, which of course sounds like a train of thought that’s rapidly becoming obsolete, like giving up physical copies of movies or not sharing your location at every possible moment. When Safeway shows up to my door, they do so professionally with equipment designed to handle such a delivery. Do you want the typical Walmart shopper at your door with your perishables, because I’m sure they won’t be doing background checks.

Wow, everything about this sounds scary.

Source: Reuters

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