FleshEatingZipper Goes For The Big Leagues: Creates Office, Adds First Employee!

Posted by on March 4, 2013 at 9:01 am
Hello! You'll be seeing a lot more of me now!

Hello! You’ll be seeing a lot more of me now!

When we rang in the New Year, we promised some big changes for the site. Rob highlighted a smattering of them, but now it’s time for these designs to become real. Over the next few weeks, FleshEatingZipper is going to undergo some radical changes that will result in a lot of cool new content. By a lot, I mean, a lot. FleshEatingZipper is, after all, a bootstrap startup, which means we’re a company that’s building up our empire on our own efforts without (so far) any external support, like funding. So, here are the big changes:

Starting now, I (N) am working full-time for FleshEatingZipper. Despite FEZ’s torrent of awesome content, all of it’s being produced by people who have traditionally lived around the country. That’s about to change, which I’ll get into in just a second, but in the meantime, you’ll be seeing a lot more articles, a lot more content, and a lot of cool small stuff as I stretch my wings and begin to fly. If you don’t know about me already, you know my favorite game of all-time is the original X-COM: UFO Defense and I’m in love with PC games of that era. I watch and love (but also hate) a lot of movies, but hope that with every new review, I’ll bring you an opinion that you’ll care about and, hopefully, pass on to others!

We established our first office: The FEZ Palace. Kelly and I moved thirteen hundred miles from Colorado Springs to our new headquarters in Phoenix where Rob and Keith have been patiently waiting to bust out of our virtual team cocoon and start producing stuff for real. Starting soon, we’ll begin regular video- and podcasts, all of them available in live format where applicable, on top of a bunch other stuff you’ll see around here.

This is only the beginning. With your support, FleshEatingZipper is going to scale the tallest mountain and plunge to the greatest depths to serve you guys better. We look forward to it and hope you will, too!

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