Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – It’s Brilliant

Posted by on September 12, 2012 at 11:39 am

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – An enjoyable waste of time.

Jerry Seinfelds done it again! He’s taken an idea about nothing and made it into something so watchable that you will be addicted from the first episode. I’m talking about his new webseries called Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

The title is pretty self explanatory. The premise goes as follows – Jerry calls up one of his comedy friends for a cup coffee. That’s it. See, it’s very simple. To go into further detail, Jerry picks out a unique (mostly antique) automobile to drive his guest around in. The show begins with him sharing a little history of the vehicle and car company, just because. The rest of the time is spent with Jerry and his celebrity guest talking about nothing. And it’s brilliant.

I’ve never felt so close to Jerry and his buddies. It’s as if you’re riding along in the passenger seat while enjoying your own cup of joe. As far as I know, it’s completely unscripted. What you see is what you get. But that’s what makes it so real, so true, so relatable. After all, these actors/comedians are just like you and me – normal folk. And what brings normal people closer together than going to a coffee shop? Think about it. You’ve probably had first dates in a Starbucks. You might have met up with an old friend at a local coffee joint to catch up. Coffee brings people together. And to watch comedians do it, connects that association we all have.

No show has come close to capturing Seinfields timeless humor about the silly things we do. Human nature is a very funny thing. Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee brings back that feeling of humorous realization through Jerry’s observational improvisation with each webisode. You’re truly missing out on some fantastic art and comedy if you don’t watch this series.

You can find the first season on Crackle. Be sure to stay tuned, the next episode is September 13th!

9/10 FleshEatingZipper

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