Opening Weekend Movie Trailer Round Up!

Posted by on October 17, 2012 at 11:32 pm

The quality of trailers you’re about to see.

It’s true what they say; trailers are the best part of the movie theater experience. Forget the over buttered popcorn that left you $10 poorer. Forget the movie you came to see. Movie trailers make the experience because most of the time, you’ll see a new one – and that’s exciting. Tonight, I’ll give you a little taste of that feeling with the trailers of this weekend’s opening movies.

Alex Cross – Another Tyler Perry Movie To Avoid

“How you gonna convince me to leave Detroit?” “We live in Detroit” “Ok, let’s go.”

Nobody Walks – Except Away From This Film

lol, infidelity. I don’t think this topic has ever been done before.

Paranormal Activity 4 – Because Clearly 3 Weren’t Enough

Kelly and Nick are going to see Paranormal Activity 4 to help you determine whether or not this cash cow is worth paying for. Basically, we’re here to save you money. You can thank us later.

 The Sessions – I’ll Need To Forget This Movie Ever Exists 

And the worst priest portrayal award goes to…


One might ask, “What kind of shitty movie would you have to see to get this line up of trailers?” The answer is one of these listed above. Anyways, which one are you going to waste your cash on this weekend?

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