Tom Cruise Plays Wall-E In New Post-Apocalyptic Film ‘Oblivion’

Posted by on December 10, 2012 at 10:37 am

War. War Never Changes…

Universal recently revealed the trailer for Joseph Kosinski’s (TRON Legacy) new film, Oblivion. Based on a graphic novel he co-wrote, the film will tell the tale of the last repairman on Earth, played by Tom Cruise, trying to scavenge the last vital minerals on the planet after an alien race has carved up the surface, Cataclysm-style. Of course, he finds Something Weird that drags him into a crazy predicament and totally warps his worldview. It’s dark, mysterious, and has plenty of special effects. Why am I so excited? Let me explain below (along with the trailer!).

It’s Not PG-13. Disney originally bought the rights to the film from Kosinski, but it wasn’t long before both parties realized that a PG rating would strangle it and the film was transferred to Universal. Wall-E did fine with the rating, but it’s obvious from the trailer’s action that there’s no way they’d be able to pull it off.

Tom Cruise. Think what you will about him and his wacky religion (he’s thankfully toned it down in recent years), Cruise is always an awesome presence in almost everything he does. He’s cool, confident, and can lead a film like few can. Sure, he probably has to stand on a few boxes to get it done (it’s a joke, he’s short) but seeing him here is almost a relief. Oh, and Morgan Freeman’s in it, too. That’s a bonus.

Joseph Kosinski, director and Michael Arndt, writer. Okay, I don’t really care what you think: TRON Legacy was a pretty good film. It lacked some punch in the story department, but the visuals are an incredible exercise in revitalizing the iconic look of the original film, a pioneer of CGI. I’m confident that if Tom Cruise and Kosinski are involved with Michael Arndt’s final draft screenplay, they can’t really go wrong. (Arndt is also writing Star Wars Episode VII, so watch out!)

M83. French shoegazer M83, real name Anthony Gonzalez, has produced some incredible soundscapes over the past few years, most recently my favorite album of last year, and is in charge of producing the soundtrack. Gonzalez has an incredible sound with 80s-tinged compositions that span from subtle to incredibly epic, something perfect for this film. This is actually his second soundtrack. His first, for French thriller Black Heaven that was both a critical failure and musically not very adventurous, sending Gonzalez into a depression on its release. I’d pay the asking price just to walk into Oblivion blind-folded knowing that Gonzalez is in charge of scoring duties.

Oblivion is due to release on April 12, 2013 with an earlier release in IMAX.

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