‘Strip Search’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 28 “Elimination #9”

Posted by on June 4, 2013 at 9:42 am
Nearing the end!

Nearing the end!

Now we’re getting into dangerous territory. Maki versus Lexxy was going to be a hard battle from the onset being one of the last eliminations in the competition, but because of Lexxy’s ability to not die.

Given the topics “Religion” and “The City” it made sense that Maki would swap out “The City” for a new one with his Redraw Ticket, the first one doled out in the competition. In its place came Candy, which pairs a little bit better. A religious city would make sense for a serious comic, but not for a jovial one that would best service Mike and Jerry’s (as well as the competition’s) best interest. It turns out that Lexxy wasn’t really interested in following that line of reasoning though, having barely lost her first elimination because her strip wasn’t funny enough. Her lollipop templars strip was very well done, but obviously, it wasn’t funny, so it just had to go and so did Lexxy.

Maki’s strip got a chuckle out of me, I can’t deny. Christ jumping out of a bowl of candy (cereal?) and asking children if they want to experience the Rapture, then popping away? Whatever, low hanging fruit? That was straight into my ballpark. Done.

Even if Maki’s strip was weak, it was obviously a better fit for the parameters of the competition, so he moves on and Lexxy doesn’t. She recently raised nearly $85,000 to work on a graphic novel, which set of a lot of speculation that Lexxy had been eliminated and, well, it wound up true. I’m not sure how she would’ve been able to pull off a graphic novel when she was supposed to be embedded in the Penny Arcade empire making comic strips for a year. She’s incredibly talented so she’s obviously going to have a ton of success outside of the show.

Now, for those final three…

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