Just Cause 2 Retrospective: Racing Around The Best Game of 2010

Posted by on February 5, 2012 at 8:23 pm

If you missed the best game of 2010, that’s a shame, because it was called Just Cause 2. in this piece, I race around the entirety of the island nation of Panau, through its various biomes, jacking a half dozen vehicles in the process, and causing a little bit of havoc. Just a little bit, though.

I don’t want to spoil the contents of the video, which was over an hour long in its original form, but I loved the heck out of that game. I played the demo for the original game for roughly five minutes before deleting it forever. That the second game improves on it in every way imaginable is a triumph. I spent weeks attached to this game, non-stop. The game lacks a lot of the polish or cohesive narrative of other sand box games, but that’s beside the point: it’s the largest pure sandbox title in years and easily the most fun. I spent most of my time just wandering from spot to spot trying to 100% the game (yes, I was that crazy. I think I’ll do it some day…).

Anyway, enough yammering, here’s the beautiful video I put together for you. Pull up some mozz’sticks and some marinara and enjoy!

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