E3 2012: Star Trek – Eyes On

Posted by on June 6, 2012 at 9:15 pm

E3, the final frontier of gaming. This is the article that explains the new Star Trek game by NAMCO BANDAI. It includes an “epic action adventure” co-op that takes place between the first film and the unannounced sequel. To boldly write an intro, completely unoriginal.


Rob, Nick and I were led into a circular corridor lit up with blue lights while several large 3D TV’s played informational videos. As we stood there, the fine people working at the NAMCO BANDAI booth gave us 3D glasses. Rob and I immediately exchanged looks. You see, Rob and I dislike 3D for different reasons. I don’t like the technology because it seems like a giant gimmick to me. Rob doesn’t like it because it makes him want to vomit. Regardless of how they were going to present it to us, we just wanted to see some Star Trek footage.

NAMCO BANDAI’s Star Trek game looks to be quite a unique co-op experience. One of the key features is that it includes the voices of the actors from Star Trek. An original standalone story and exploration based gameplay are other features worth noting. What I found amusing was how NAMCO BANDAI displayed the demo with two screens showing off the asymmetrical gameplay. (Actually, if you watch the video below, that’s exactly how it looked minus 3D.)

The music, the sounds, even the sights looked brilliant for it’s stage in development. Not much was given on the plot, but it looks like the main enemy will be the Gorn, which have been reimagined to be even more ruthless and dangerous than ever. Star Trek will be on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC platforms. Keep an eye out for an early 2013 release!


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