Hidden Levels – Watch Our E3 Mini-Documentary Right Now!

Posted by on June 15, 2012 at 8:50 am

If Kelly looks scared, it’s because he is.

Just as we’d promised, Hidden Levels is here! Throughout E3, I took random footage of most of our goings-on with the intention of crafting a documentary after we’d got back to base. Got sixteen minutes? Sit down and take a look!

Just some random facts:

  • The whole film was shot on my Galaxy Nexus. Yes, it was tempting to use the bug eyes filter at all times. Also: Verizon’s LTE coverage in Los Angeles in Phoenix is fantastic, in Colorado Springs not so much…
  • The documentary you see was pulled from two hours of footage that took up roughly 11GB of storage at 1080p resolution.
  • Film was edited with Sony Vegas in three days.
  • Music by Digitalism, featuring my favorite tracks off of “I Love You, Dude”, which is probably my favorite album of the year. Go buy it!
  • Johnny left early, which is why you don’t see him after the FEZCast wrap-up.
  • I really wanted to include footage of the Zip Travel Center, I really did. And yes, they sure did clean up that bathroom.
  • You’re right, there’s very little video game footage. Much like my last E3 documentary, I wanted to focus on the human element, rather than the gaming footage, which would date itself immediately.
  • Hope you enjoy! Oh, that’s not random. But it is sincere.

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