New Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Fulfills Hype

Posted by on November 14, 2012 at 10:25 am

We’re bouncing now.

Rockstar released its second Grand Theft Auto V trailer this morning. If anything, it sheds more light into who you will be playing as. It also shows that you can set any song to a GTA trailer and still be bad ass.

I wasn’t too impressed with the screen shots a few months ago. The first trailer, seemed only to show the game existed, was overtly shallow. Not even a hint of story. Keith needs story. And without any plot reveal, I didn’t understand the hype. It actually reminded me of Apple sheeple. They’ll buy anything Apple just because it’s made by Apple.

But this is the trailer I needed, wanted. We’ve got characters. We’ve got story. Well. Sort of. We were given a sample of plot enough to satisfy but left us wanting more. The hype that surrounded the bland screen caps and the uninformative trailer now makes sense. My body’s ready.

My body’s ready to play as 3 different characters with 3 different motives. It’s been noted that you’ll be able to switch between characters at any given point. Now you can’t blame the AI for ruining your heist. It’ll be on you.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, stop reading this and watch it below.

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