Getting Started with Feed the Beast Ultimate For ‘Minecraft’: Let’s Build a Generator

Posted by on May 28, 2013 at 9:09 pm
Those three machines to hours of my life!

Those three machines to hours of my life!

I’m a veteran to Minecraft; I’ve owned it since alpha and play it quite a bit on our FEZ server. About a week ago, some of the guys in our forum brought up Feed the Beast. Now I’ve heard of Feed the Beast and Tekkit, but didn’t really understand what they were. Essentially, they’re a bunch of mods for Minecraft thrown into a pot and stirred together. You get the vanilla Minecraft experience with the ability to conjure magic or automatic machines. It’s pretty crazy when you take it all in.

Starting off, I didn’t know what to do. I know in vanilla you progress from wood to stone to iron to diamond. Well, Feed the Beast starts off the same as vanilla: get iron tools and start mining everything, saving diamond for later. You can use rubies and sapphires to create tools that are just as powerful as diamonds, but with only a third the durability, that work just as well. Everything below will link to the wiki to give you recipes and more information on the item.

To get started, you’ll want to build a few machines: a generator, macerator and an electric furnace. These machines are from the Industrial Craft 2 mod. In order to build these you will need a bunch of copper, iron, redstone, rubber and some flint. Don’t smelt all of your iron and other materials yet, only the ones you need, because the macerator will double your outtake in the long run.

Rubber comes from rubber trees and you use a treetap to extract it or by just chopping the tree down. I chose to just chop down the trees, collect the saplings and plant them near my home.

It may seem like an easy task to build these devices, but trust me, this will take you hours if you’re new to Feed the Beast. I haven’t even scratched the surface of Industrial Craft 2, let alone the other mods included with Feed the Beast.

Stay tuned!

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