“Open-World,” “Cloud-Powered” and “Traversal-Driven” This Year’s E3 Buzzwords

Posted by on June 10, 2013 at 11:37 pm
Hot girls make you want to click right?

Hot girls make you want to click right?

Every year you hear the same word or phrase being constantly repeated by developers, publishers and console makers. There wasn’t a clear winner this year so we are going with the top three we hear around the conferences.


Both new franchises and sequels jumped on the buzzword bandwagon and a few of them surprised me. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, opened the Xbox press conference and was the biggest surprise for me in that genre. Ubisoft announced and showed off some gameplay for Tom Clancy’s: The Division and it looks pretty amazing. Ubisoft’s other new game, The Crew is a persistent, open-world that allows your friends to play alongside every mission with you. Dragon Age III is supposed to be a more open-ended game than the previous ones but we’ll see about that and the other one was Witcher 3.

Then you have your other games that are no surprise to open-ended are: Battlefield 4, Saints Row IV, Dead Rising 3 and Grand Theft Auto V. I was actually waiting for the end of the Halo V trailer to announce it was also open-ended, ha!


This was a Microsoft thing. You know, with the power of the entire internet in 1999, Microsoft can unload processing to the cloud allowing games to do more stuff like Drivatars. Sunset Overdrive is another good example of this. They can change the game world whenever they want, adding and removing weapons, etc.


I don’t even know what this means but it was said a number of times.

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