Kenny Powers Introduces Blades from K-Swiss

Posted by on February 23, 2012 at 2:25 pm

Yes, Kenny Powers is back with a new shoe from K-Swiss, Blades. If you don’t know who Kenny Powers is, he is the MFCEO of K-Swiss! Kenny Powers is the hilarious and extremely vulgar character Danny McBride plays in Eastbond and Down. K-Swiss is out latest sponsor that we want to highlight and if you haven’t seen any of the Kenny Powers MFCEO videos check this one out.

Kenny Powers takes us into the K-Swiss, R&DD lab to show us how the new Blades make athletes run faster than fuck, out running cheetahs and ballistic missiles. He sits down with Bruce Lee to let him know that he was the inspiration to the name Blades! Not only is this going to be for athletes but Kenny Powers is going to start a Saturday morning commercial campaign geared towards children. You already know how this is going down!

You can get more information on K-Swiss Blades here.

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