3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Black Friday

Posted by on November 22, 2012 at 9:49 am

The typical crowds for Black Friday.

CEO’s see Black Friday as the unofficial holiday of money. Employees brand Black Friday as the 9th circle of hell. And rabid shoppers see the day as an opportunity to purchase merchandise for dirt cheap. But is spending the entire day inside of a Wal-Mart worth the effort?

The answer’s no in case you were wondering.

Let me explain why avoiding Black Friday will be in the best interest for everyone.

1. The People

You’ve seen it on the news, heck, maybe even in person; people will literally kill for door busting deals. Tolerating with full parking lots, massive traffic and stampeding crowds is not worth getting that crappy 26″ Coby branded TV you don’t need. Trust me on that.


2. The Merchandise

Every time you swipe your credit card on Black Friday, a CEO giggles with villainous glee. Ok, they’re not evil, per se. These guys are going to be banking on some major cash this weekend and that’s just part of the American dream. However, the products they’re selling are inexpensive for a reason. They aren’t losing any money by marking down merchandise no one buys to begin with. But lower the price down on a coffee maker to $7 and people will swarm for it.


3. You’re going to procrastinate buying Christmas presents anyways. So stop pretending like you care.

Let’s be honest here. Most of our readers here are men. And we don’t particularly like to go “shopping”. If we are going to be hitting up the sales and deals tomorrow, it’s only because we’re buying for ourselves. Gifts for other people? That’s what Walgreens on Christmas Eve are for.

If you’re smart, you’ll save your time, gas and patience and wait for Cyber Monday. You’ll still get your cheap deals, but free shipping and (depending on where you live) no sales tax cannot be beat. If you’re one who is all about rushing into the front lines, check out Rob’s article for deals that won’t break your wallet.

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