Coors Light Brings Together Six World-Class Athletes to Test the First-Ever Cold Activated Skis

Posted by on February 20, 2013 at 8:23 pm
Dat cold activated bottle!

Dat cold activated bottle!

Coors Light is my beer of choice. Maybe it’s because I like to show some local pride (Coors is in Golden, CO), the fact that they have the best beer technology or maybe it’s because it just the best beer out there. Let’s go with all three.

When you thought Coors Light couldn’t take the cold activated-ness any further, they come out with this, the first ever cold activated skis and snowboard. Hot damn! Or should I say cold…

Teaming up with K2 to make this happen; join six world-class athletes, Andy Mahre, Zach Crist, Shaun McKay, Ryan Schmies, Dan Ray and Tim Eddy aka the Coors Light Six Pack in a four part documentary to see what it’s really like to live for the cold!

The first part comes out on February 22nd and can be seen on Coors Light’s YouTube channel. Check out the trailer below! We also need to thank Coors Light for being an awesome sponsor of FleshEatingZipper!

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