Funeral Going To Be Thin On Attendees? ‘Rent A Mourner’ Service Will Cheer You Up!

Posted by on March 26, 2013 at 1:02 pm
Like this, but with mourners. Photo credit: Senior Sunrise

Like this, but with mourners.

Not to be morbid, but if you’ve ever been to a funeral, it’s a little embarrassing when it’s just you and a few chaps in attendance for your fallen friend or loved one. You may feel anxious and wonder if they’re truly getting the last, best possible treatment they could be receiving. Enter UK-based startup Rent a Mourner, a service that provides professional mourners to supplement your thin invite list.

Rent a Mourner claims they’ve made 52 bookings over the past year and founder Ian Robertson was inspired by the concept in Asia, where it’s relatively common. The service also seems relatively cheap at a mere £45 for a two hour service per their web site. Funerals are the worst, anyway. Why would you want some strangers in attendance at your mother’s/friend’s/dog’s church service/burial/wake? I realize it’s better for the cameras, or for people who knew the person the least, but who wants to make an already strange situation stranger?

Source: Rent A Mourner via VentureBeat
Photo credit: Senior Sunrise

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