FEZ Week In Review: Week #19, 2013 – Jurassic Park 4, Wii U, Steam Greenlight

Posted by on May 10, 2013 at 5:06 pm
Week 19 in Da Haus!

Week 19 in Da Haus!

FEZ Week In Review is a series where we go over the stories that mattered most to you in the past seven days, whether gaming, tech, entertainment or otherwise, we bring them together for you to view in one quick glance!

Lots of people submitted applications in hopes of being one of the lucky few first Martians.

Were you one?

10. 80,000 People Apply For One-Way Trip To Mars, Including A Valve Programmer

While it predates the term '4X', Civilization is the 4X genre's most popular game.

N schools you on game design!

9. How To Make A Better Strategy Game: 4X Edition

Tony Stark has seen better days.

Totally makes up for 2. Totally.

8. ‘Iron Man 3′ Review: The Best Iron Man Yet

It's how creative how they did it. See? SEE?

Seriously, stop it.

7. Stop Pirating Photoshop And Pay $49.99 Monthly, That’s Adobe’s New Plan For Creative Cloud

It's got a pretty mouth, that's for sure.

So many feels!

6. An Android User Buys An iPad Mini For Games; Impressions From A First-Time iOS Owner

Doom and gloom? Not so much.

Hi hater.

5. U Mad? Windows 8 Isn’t The Flop People Want It To Be

Well, hopefully it's still stock

Awww maaaaan…

4. Google’s “X Phone” Becomes “Regular Phone”

Lots of buzz about Steam's indie release service, good and bad.

We have to know about this service!

3. What Is Steam’s Greenlight Service And Why Do Indie Developers Hate It So Much?

Don't worry, there are plenty of guns.

Wii U, Wii U, will anyone ever buy you?

2. PlayStation 4 And Next-Gen Xbox Games Won’t Appear On Wii U Because Duh

Troubled Production? Apparently.

Who was on it twelve hours before Variety? We were!

1. ‘Jurassic Park 4′ Put On Hold Due To Script Issues, Production Crew Canned [UPDATED]

Don’t forget to check out last week’s FEZ PRO SHO, where we chatted about the Next Xbox, E3, and 3D Printing…

That masked is all messed up!

That masked is all messed up!

…and don’t forget to listen to this week’s N5 Show where we discuss Iron Man 3 and game clones!

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