News Corp Probably Dumping MySpace

Posted by on February 3, 2011 at 1:02 pm

You probably don’t care — we obviously don’t since we don’t have a super glittery, animated GIF-filled MySpace page — but it looks like MySpace is looking for a buyer or investors. Anything, really, to get away from News Corp. Everyone saw this coming in the last few months with the new redesign and the company laying off 47% (almost 500 people) of its staff. They are just trying to make it look like they’re still worth something when it’s obviously they aren’t. 

COO Chase Carney had this to say:

There’s been a lot of interest, because there’s been some indication we’re pursuing this path. We’ll consider all options — not just a sale, it could be a sale, it could be an investor coming into it, it could be us staying in with a restructured ownership structure with management.

We think a fresh perspective would give them flexibility and an opportunity to get a new life consistent with the right-sizing of the product and the costs.

The interest to date has ranged from A to Z — from industry players, financial players, foreign to domestic. And that’s without really being out there — it’s incoming, we’re not soliciting anything at this point. But we’ll look at all of those. I’m not going to speculate on value.

Who do you think if another company bought MySpace? Do you still use it? Let us know in the comments!

[via: paidContent]

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