Windows 8 To Go Back In Time, Add Start Menu And Desktop Launch? Really?

Posted by on April 16, 2013 at 8:41 am
Yes. Yeeeeesssssss, stare directly into the Windows 8 logo...

The future, mysterious…

Word coming across the intertubes today is that with Microsoft’s new Windows 8.1/Blue upgrade, some options can be toggled to revert the OS to a more primordial form. This despite all the headway Microsoft had to make bringing Windows 8’s “OS on top of an OS” aesthetic to life and communicating it to the customer. Well, apparently Windows 8 is being flagged as the reason why PC sales are dying, so Microsoft’s gotta react somehow, right?

As it stands, logging into Windows 8 immediately brings you to its trademark ‘Modern’-themed Start screen. With a single click, a single click, you’re back in the traditional Windows environment, complete with Start bar-although lacking the old school Start menu, a feature that was deprecated before Windows 8 arrived. Rumors have it that you’ll be able to launch straight into desktop mode-which seems okay, I guess-and to restore the old school Start menu.

Let’s go over this again.

  • You can already reach the desktop in one click and the Start menu only appears on boot. Is it really that irritating? To not make a single click upon startup? Really?
  • There’s a reason why they got rid of the old school Start Menu: it’s old as hell. No one used it and for good reason: it was a nightmare to navigate. It was a Rolodex of applications and folders and application folders. How is that advantageous over simply tapping the Windows key and typing what application you want? Or simply placing it on your new Start menu?

I’m not a Windows 8 apologist, I think the OS still has some pretty big opportunities to bring apps and better-bridged old/new interface design, but these are truly some small shells considering most people would rather rid themselves of the Windows 8 part of Windows 8 entirely, which is a step in the wrong direction entirely.

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