Tesla Unveils Supercharger Expansion Plans, World Domination To Follow

Posted by on May 30, 2013 at 12:11 pm
It's funny that they skip Nebraska until 2015.

It’s funny that they skip Nebraska until 2015.

I’ve still never seen a Tesla in real-world operation, but I’m a complete fanboy. The problem is that they’re trying to sell the car to Americans, who live in a large, unpopulated country that’s probably the least ideal for a purely electric car with limited battery range. Unless you’re one of those ‘Opening In LA And New York’ yuppies, you don’t even have access to their proprietary Supercharger network, which allows you to rejuice in an hour, compared to the traditional all-nighters of your 220V garage plug.

Well, that’s all changing real soon.

By the end of the year, you’ll be able to take a trip from coast to coast hopping from Supercharger to Supercharger. I have no doubt you’ll still need to tuck in some planning time to make sure you actually make it, especially if you stop half-way between them and have to let the car settle overnight in the cold, especially when you’re travelling through the vast outland of North Dakota.

Some highlights:

  • The FEZ Palace (Phoenix, AZ) gets ours this Fall. Woo!
  • Colorado Springs gets theirs next year. Denver fans will have to wait until after Aspen gets theirs.
  • Wyoming gets four by the end of next year, Nebraska gets zero.
  • Tesla claims “98% coverage” of the US by the end of 2015, but all their range bubbles are “as the crow flies”, so to speak. Good luck trying to really get that kind of range out of them.

Well, whenever we can get a Tesla dealership out here, y’know, we’ll be on top of that Model S action.

Source: Tesla

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