Shyamalan’s ‘After Earth’ Expected To Bomb This Weekend With $30-40M Pull

Posted by on May 30, 2013 at 5:15 pm
Welcome to Earth! Now that's what I call a close encounter!

You can’t save it now, Will.

These movies just aren’t meant to live. Both Shyamalan’s After Earth (which is really Will Smith and Gary Whitta’s) and Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion similarly-themed post-apocalyptic romps were exposed to air in the same breath. Oblivion is set to close well south of $300 million worldwide, which is far removed from the middling success of Kosinski’s previous film, the cultish Tron: Legacy. Now that After Earth is up to bat, it looks like expectations are low, lower than low, that the film will generate much of a blip on anyone’s radar. Also, the film isn’t even in theaters yet.

It seems like a shame that Will Smith’s already being written off, but it seems like this might have been a doomed project from the unveil. A disabled Smith barking at his son Jaden is not a great experience as I list it off to my imagination. The film looks to do well under Fast & Furious 6’s massive debut, which means this will struggle to hit $100 million domestically, although it might still grab looks overseas. This is writer Gary Whitta’s second film after 2009’s Book of Eli and he’s also listed as writer for Penny Arcade’s The New Kid, if Paramount ever decides to do something with that.

Source: Variety

UPDATE: As much as I have no high aspirations for the flick, I did not intend to call former PC Gamer editor-in-chief and the film’s screenwriter “Gary Shitta”. A thousand apologies to Gary.

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