Ministry of War Firearms Age Launches New Server Arcadia

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Los Angeles, CA – June 7, 2013 – Ministry of War is launching new server Arcadia on June 7th at 3pm PST. Ministry of War is a real time strategy game in which you build an almighty empire in the ancient world. By growing an epic army in your empire and overthrowing your opponents, you get closer to the ultimate destination of world domination. At Ministry of War, you must choose an ancient faction to represent, be it the Romans, the Persians, the Egyptians or the Chinese. Once your nation has been decided, you embark to loyally fight to the death for them, as you re-write the history books. Who will become the new ruler?
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In the history of mankind, to win a war not only do you need a strong government, you also need support in economic and culture aspects. In Ministry of War, not only can your political system evolve, you can also build a solid foundation to supply your troops. To reach the ultimate world domination, you are not just battling to win you also need to win outside the battle.

Merchant’s Trade
As each of the Civilizations becomes stronger, the Countries dependency on economics is also getting stronger. During the beginning stages, you can gain money through completing task and collection as in town center. But as your grow, the only way you can get enough money is through trade. By then, the Merchant’s role within a country becomes vital to its success.

Constructing Resource Mines
You need resources for everything in MOW from upgrading buildings and technology to recruiting troops. As a new player on a new server, you will not have to worry about plundering by other players. So definitely develop those resources quickly to provide enough resources for future battles.

Spreading Civilization to gain territories
In Ministry of War, you spread civilization to gain territories; more territories mean higher BUFF during the CZ War. When you get more territories, you also get more chances in the Lode Runner. You can start by building temples and worshipping to gain Civilization points then spread civilization through building temples on the World Map.

Battlefield campaign

Introducing Ministry of War
Developed by Snail Game, Ministry of War is a MMORTS focusing on battle in the Medieval Era. The game showcases the 4 great ancient civilizations fighting for ultimate worldwide domination through military, culture, and economic means.

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