Dexter Season 7 Episode 3 Recap – “Buck The System”

Posted by on October 15, 2012 at 6:54 pm

Open wide, Blondie.

We’re back with another recap of Showtime’s killer serial Dexter. The moral of today’s episode is: A Serial Killer Can’t Change His Spots. Blood spots, that is. If you want to see Dexter kill a bunch of random people (in his mind), plus weirdly flirt with Yvonne Strahovski from NBC’s Chuck, then this is the episode for you.

“Buck The System” starts with Dexter in a long line. He is frustrated and hemmed in, and it’s not just because he’s in line at the post office. Dexter feels trapped by his sister, who is always watching his every move, keeping him from killing. Finally, Dexter is next in line, but then the postal worker closes the window. Dexter snaps and cuts the postal worker’s throat…

Only he doesn’t. It’s just Dexter’s imagination running wild. But Dexter’s frustrations
continue at work, where he feels Deb’s eyes on him at all times. During the morning briefing when Masuka comments obnoxiously that Deb is staring at Dexter, Dexter stabs Masuka in the neck…

But again, it’s just Dexter’s imagination. Finally, Dexter snaps for real while trying to take a DNA sample from a volatile suspect. Dexter grabs the suspect around the neck and Deb has to intervene. Dexter tells Deb that she can’t stop his need to kill. Sooner or later the “lock is going to break.” Their only hope is to channel Dexter’s urges the way Harry taught him, to let Dexter kill the killers who deserve it. Deb refuses to accept this, but she does agree to back off and give Dexter some space.

Dexter seizes on this and immediately finds a new victim to stalk – a guy named Speltzer who the police suspected of killing several woman, but they couldn’t make the charges stick. Dexter also schemes to get rid of Louis, the tool who canceled his credit cards. First Dexter sends the hand from the Ice Truck Killer case back to Masuka, anonymously naming Louis as the guy who sold it on eBay. Masuka fires Louis and then Louis goes home to find his girlfriend Jamie (Dexter’s nanny) watching a web video of Louis with a hooker, which she received anonymously in the mail. Louis tries to convince Jamie that Dexter is out to get him (and hookers aren’t cheating, he says), but Jamie dumps him. Furious, Louis vows revenge on Dexter.

Though Deb promised to give Dexter some space, she follows him as he stalks Speltzer to a bar. Dexter is aware that Deb is tailing him and invites Deb to see his process. Dexter believes that Speltzer shaves his head before every kill, and right across the bar is Speltzer with a newly shaved head, flirting with a young girl. Dexter assures Deb that he won’t kill Speltzer until he fully “vets” him to prove that he is guilty. Dexter believes that what he is doing is worthwhile. The police have to wait until Speltzer kills again, the process is slow and dangerous. But Dexter can take him out quickly and save that girl’s life. Deb doesn’t buy into any of this. however, and is generally appalled that Dexter thinks he is doing anyone any good.

Their disagreement continues at work, where Dexter reminds Deb that her success as a police investigator is largely due to his killer instincts – what he calls his “lizard brain.” For years, Dexter has been helping Deb solve murders because – as a killer himself – Dexter knows what killers do and how they think. Dexter believes that Speltzer has hidden proof of his murders in a mausoleum, but Deb wants to bring Speltzer down using good old fashioned police work. Deb brings the case to LaGuerta, hoping that LaGuerta will pull some strings and get a search warrant for the mausoleum. But Deb doesn’t have any actual proof and LaGuerta shuts her down.

While Deb finds herself stymied by the very laws that she is trying to convince Dexter to follow, Dexter goes with Batista to question a suspect named Hannah (played by Yvonne Strahovski, the blonde spy from Chuck). Apparently, the serial killer who offed himself at the end of last week’s episode had an underage girlfriend during his crime spree years ago. Now, evidence has come to light that could help Miami Metro find the buried bodies. The serial killer’s former girlfriend is now all grown up, and she’s super hot. Batista questions her, but she didn’t know about the murders back when she was 15 and she doesn’t know about them now. Batista leaves, and there’s a small moment of attraction between Dexter and Hannah when Dexter has to take a DNA sample from her mouth.

Meanwhile, Evil British Dude™ Isaak Sirko tells stripper Nadia to “get close” to Detective Quinn to find out what the police know about Detective Anderson’s murder. Sirko’s monologue about pushing his music teacher down the stairs when he was a boy terrifies Nadia into agreeing. Later, Nadia confesses to Quinn that she likes him, but her boss is making her spy on him. Quinn and Nadia agree to share information and then they start making out. Oh, Quinn. What have you gotten yourself into?

Evil British Dude™ still wants to know what happened to hit man Viktor (the one Dexter killed in Episode 1). Sirko’s tech expert discovers that the GPS unit that they use to track their drug mules was active the night that Viktor disappeared. According to the GPS, Viktor was taken out to sea and then disappeared. Sirko realizes that Viktor is dead and he wants to know who killed him. They trace the GPS signal to the slip containing Dexter’s boat, “Slice of LIfe.” They find Louis aboard Dexter’s boat trying to sink it in revenge. Sirko assumes Louis is Dexter and is about to drill out Louis’s eyes. Louis talks fast and tells Sirko all about Dexter. Sirko thanks Louis, and then as a gesture of gratitude Sirko shoots Louis in the head. Evil British Dude™ just gets more evil (and more British) with every episode…

That night, Dexter breaks into the mausoleum and finds a “trophy” from one of Speltzer’s previous murders. It’s the proof that Dexter needs, but he can’t reach Deb on her phone. That’s because Deb is busy spying on Speltzer, who has just invited the young girl from the bar into his house. Apparently, Speltzer is really into Greek mythology because he dresses as a Minotaur and then chases the terrified young girl through a creepy labyrinth that he created in his house. Deb hears the screaming and busts into Speltzer’s house, but she gets lost in Speltzer’s freaky maze and then gets her hand caught in razor wire. Speltzer is about to kill Deb when Dexter appears and knocks Speltzer down with a 2×4. Dexter saves Deb, but they’re too late – the young girl is dead and Speltzer has escaped.

Later, Deb admits to Dexter that he was right. If they did things his way, the young girl would still be alive and Speltzer would be dead. Now Speltzer is in the wind, free to kill again. She doesn’t agree with what Dexter does, but she “understands” it. Deb is concerned that Dexter collects trophies in the form of blood slides – it means that he enjoys killing, just like Speltzer. Dexter does admit that he likes the way killing makes him feel. Dexter can’t change who he is and neither can Deb. Deb wants Dexter to move back home, and though Dexter tries to tell her that he is still her brother and nothing has changed, Deb doesn’t accept that. Everything has changed, she says.

And nothing will ever be the same again.

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