E3 2012 – Hands On With Hitman Absolution

Posted by on June 13, 2012 at 7:19 pm

Chinatown; The fish, the soup, the assassinations…

Yeah, the E3 2012 articles are going to keep coming for a while, mostly because we saw so much stuff it’s nearly impossible to bang out all of the articles at once. This time around I’m going to talk about Hitman Absolution by Square Enix and later, I’ll be talking about Sleeping Dogs, also by Square Enix.

While we were at E3, I did get a chance to play Hitman Absolution, for…well, for a while. There was only one mission available but I played through it a few times and was able to get a good feel for how the game plays. Read on to see what I thought about it.

I took the time to play both the 360 and PS3 versions of the game and I can say that the graphics and gameplay are equal across the 2 competing platforms. Both versions ran smoothly and were equally pretty.

The demo mission took me into a plaza in Chinatown where I was supposed to assassinate some bigwig. The details and conversations and environment were so well done, I could almost smell the street vendors cooking their wares to serve to the unsuspecting schmucks around me.

mmmmm…fish…and COPS :(

As I work my way through the crowd, I notice that the movement is very smooth. The main character flows through the throngs of people with grace and as long as you’re not running, people don’t get pissed at you when you move them out of the way. I also quickly noticed that there were a number of places to hide as well as ambush points and all kinds of ways to take down the target.

My first run through, I just walked up to the guy and busted him in the face with a silenced handgun. Of course the cops didn’t like this too much so I had to hide in a dumpster for a while until the heat cooled off, then whack a guy out and take his clothes so I could get away. Not exactly the most subtle way to handle business, I’ll admit, but it was definitely effective.

As I continued to play the demo, I found more ways to kill the victim. By doing some searching and, in some cases, some wheeling and dealing, you can find multiple methods of completing each goal. The methods I was able to find were


Did someone order a new window for their brain?

Dressing up as a street vendor for ambush

Fish and chips! Hot and tasty!

And car bombing

Whoops! I thought that button popped the trunk!

In all cases, the crowds reacted appropriately upon figuring out what was going on and acting suspicious in any way would start to bring down the heat.

I thought I’d seen a couple of other ways to get the job done but I was never quite able to pull them off. Maybe when it comes out in full release I’ll have more luck. Does that mean I’m going to buy the game? Sure does. I thought it was really good, from what I saw in the demo, and have every intention of owning it. Hell, I may even pick up the professional edition, because HOT!

GOODIES! I like goodies!

Also, the trailer they showed for E3 has me interested…I can’t help but wonder if something like this is going to go down.

Check it out, below!

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