E3 2012 – Worms Revolution Hands-On

Posted by on June 7, 2012 at 12:41 am

Back in March, Team17 Software announced that they were working on Worms Revolution, the newest iteration in the zany Worms franchise. Now that E3 is here, we can tell you that they’ve honed in on everything that you loved about the earlier Worms to give us another fun and challenging turn-based strategy game.

Team17 Software has ditched the 3D from the last Worms game and they are now focusing on an entirely new gameplay mechanic – classes. The standard worm that you know and love is still here in all its tiny, menacing glory. And of course the arsenal of silly and explosive weapons is back as well.

In addition to the standard worm, though, they’ve added three new classes. First is the Scout, a small, fast worm that can move farther than any of the other worms. The Scout can drop a stick of dynamite near an enemy and still have time to run away. Next is the Soldier. This worm is big and powerful, but he’s also very slow. The last class is the Scientist, who can heal and build items. One of the Scientist’s specialties is building sentry guns.

The game plays the same as it always has, with turn-based moving and shooting, but the addition of classes adds some much-appreciated new strategy and depth. The game’s special brand of humor is here in full force as well (the Scientist’s huge forehead made me laugh out loud).

The graphics are absolutely gorgeous. As mentioned, they’ve gone back to the 2D, but they’ve added depth of field so you can see the dynamic backgrounds that more clearly illustrate the size of the worms.

If you’re a fan of worms, you should definitely keep some time open in your schedule for Worms Revolution in Q3 when the game releases.

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