Next Generation Xbox To Be Unveiled On May 21st

Posted by on April 24, 2013 at 12:30 pm
The Next Xbox...Nextbox?

The Next Xbox…Nextbox?

It looks like Microsoft’s finally opening the floodgates on the next Xbox (they won’t call it the Xbox 720) or at least, it certainly seems so based on an email I just got from Microsoft which contained nothing but the subject line “In 27 days…” and a biggie-sized graphic which says they’re either unveiling the new Xbox or they’re announcing who will be taking over Microsoft when the people running it die.

Read on to see what I saw.

As many of you know, PR firms often love to be ambiguous about what is going on, in an effort to stir up interest. Lots of you got to see this first-hand (kinda) when we received the mysterious key and immediately enlisted our readers to give us a hand in solving the caper.

Here, however, there’s isn’t much about this email which is ambiguous or unclear…

Bill Gates announces he's going to be a grandpa?

Bill Gates announces he’s going to be a grandpa?

See what I mean? There’s not a whole lot of room for guesswork here.

We had thought they would unveil the console at E3, but I suppose it makes sense to do it before hand so the rest of the hype from all the goings on at the massive expo has no chance of overshadowing their announcement or in any way stealing any of their thunder. It also means Microsoft will be able to spend their time at the press conference showing off what’s coming up for the console instead of showing off the console itself.

Pretty smart.

The only major downside is that we probably won’t find a new Xbox under our seat at E3, but I really hope we do!

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