E3 2013 – Bungie’s Destiny Looks Like Halo: The RPG

Posted by on June 12, 2013 at 12:26 am
Fulfill your destiny... with Destiny.

Fulfill your destiny… with Destiny.

E3 2013 is well under way and Bungie’s new online RPG is already getting a lot of buzz. Sony touted the game with a live demo during their press conference and the crowd cheered with appreciation.

Today, I sat down in Activision’s tricked out theater to get a closer look at the demo (which was exactly the same as the Sony presser, right down to the canned banter between the two players). I came away with some excitement, sure. But I also realized that everything about the way the game looked and played just reminded me of Halo.


It’s hard to see the Guardian armor above and not be reminded of good ol’ Master Chief and his iconic armor. Or all of the variations of Spartan multiplayer armor that we saw in the later Halo installments. Maybe it’s not fair to pigeon-hole Bungie like this, but c’mon. They’re making a sci-fi game with characters wearing angular battle armor. Different story, sure, but a very familiar look. It’s as if they’re inviting flashbacks to Master Chief.


And maybe we’re just running out of creative ways to make guns look unique or something, but I swear that the rocker launcher that this chick is holding is straight out of the Covenant armory.

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