E3 2013 – Mirror’s Edge 2 Has Us Seeing Red

Posted by on June 10, 2013 at 5:39 pm

Hold this position and look dramatically into the distance…

Faith fans rejoice! At the end of their splashy presser today, EA announced Mirror’s Edge 2, for release “when it’s ready.” To me, this was the best news of EA’s conference.

Back in 2008, DICE released the unique first person free-running game Mirror’s Edge. It was one of those games that you either loved or hated (I fall into the former category, obviously), and though the game was planned as the first in a trilogy, it just didn’t sell well enough to justify a sequel.

I was convinced it would never happen, but today, EA’s Peter Moore told us that fans have been asking for a Mirror’s Edge sequel for years, and finally they’re going to deliver. Well, again, they’re not going to deliver right away. Only when the game is ready.

Check out the trailer below for some first-person parkour goodness. It doesn’t show much gameplay-wise – the game is apparently still in early development and mostly we just see Faith bashing the faces of generic baddies – but the developers say that they will stay true to the original Mirror’s Edge. Get ready to dust off your red running shoes!

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