Getting Closer to Launching Skynet

Posted by on March 7, 2011 at 3:31 pm

Boston Dynamics is building some robots to hunt people for the government. The first is the Cheetah that you see above. The Cheetah robot will have a flexible spine, an articulated head and neck, and maybe even a tail. It will be able to accelerate rapidly and make tight turns so it can “chase or evade,” Boston Dynamics said in a statement.

Boston Dynamics is also building Atlas which will have a torso, two arms and two legs, and will be capable of climbing and maneuvering in rough terrain. Atlas will “sometimes walk upright as a biped, sometimes turning sideways to squeeze through narrow passages,” it will also crawl if needed. Picture the T-1000 crawling with only half it’s body in Terminator. Look at Atlas in his sexy pose below…

The third is the Cougar 20-H being built by TiaLinx that is supposed to look like Johnny 5. It will park outside of buildings and can monitor 65 feet in front of it hearing heartbeats and breathing. It will probably be used for search and rescue or border patrol.

[via Discovery and IEEE]

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  • Johnny

    I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

  • Wow…we’re just gonna go ahead and build their army for them, huh?

    So this will be how this plays out.

    The cougar will be the scout. It will find pockets of resistance by listening for the breathing and heartbeats of the humans the overlords want “repurposed”.

    The Atlas will be the infiltrator and/or primary weapons platform. Notice how its left hand is missing. Looks like you can swap out attachments.

    Flame thrower attachment, mini-gun attachment, grenade launcher attachment, Black Hole/Maximilian style rotary heart blender attachment…

    Then, the Cheetah will he the hunter/killer, traveling in packs and ripping apart the human resistance with titanium fangs and hyper-alloy claws.

    All hail the robot overlords!