4 Reasons Why Windows 8.1 Will Be Worth The Update

Posted by on June 5, 2013 at 10:16 am
They could've named it something cool, like, I don't know, Blue?

They could’ve named it something cool, like, I don’t know, Blue?

Windows 8.1, formerly known as Windows Blue, is set to be released as a preview on June 26th for everyone to get their little mice/hands on. Long-rumored, but now in the wide blue open. Normally, major feature updates would have to wait for major service pack updates, but Microsoft is learning a lot from their competition in bringing out much faster, hard-hitting updates. We’re not too hip on the Start button coming back to the desktop view, but there are definitely some neat features coming that you should be excited for. Here are four of them, with a full video preview at the end!


Dynamic Lock Screen

I prefer my backgrounds and lock screens to be very specific, and sadly, it looks like the Start menu background will remain canned to Windows presets, but a dynamic lock screen pulled from existing photos and Skydrive? Pretty cool. Configure it just right and I imagine you could get a bunch of winning combinations of game screenshots or musicians that look like Zune’s old screensaver mode.

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