Kate Upton & Snoop Dogg – You Got What I Eat (Hot Pockets Music Video)

Posted by on October 9, 2013 at 8:53 pm

There are only a few things hotter in the world than Kate Upton. One of those things being a Hot Pocket fresh out of the microwave, that crispity crust and the ooey gooey cheese, ooh wee, nephew! There I go, talking like Snoop again.

In this epic musical showdown, parodying Biz Markie’s Just a Friend, between #TeamCrust and #TeamMeat we learn that Hot Pockets may actually come from a magical place. The video also has some surprise guests that you may recognize so click that play button!

So are you going to get baked with me and Snoop on #TeamCrust or are you going to be a busta? Sound off here and get yourself a free coupon!

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