The 3 Things Which Will Kill The Oculus Rift

Posted by on June 12, 2013 at 10:34 pm
Nick checking out Soundself on the Oculus Rift

Nick checking out Soundself on the Oculus Rift

Today I got a chance to play a couple of games on the Oculus Rift and will have a chance to play more tomorrow. I spent quite enough time to get a really good idea of where the technology is at now and where it will have to go in the future in order to make it. If the technology doesn’t get there, I fear the Oculus Rift is going to fail.

So here are the 3 issues I see which will kill the Oculus Rift at market if they aren’t addressed.

3) Comfort, or lack thereof.

I saw lots of people trying out the Oculus today in between the sessions I had with the VR set. While I didn’t have any overly uncomfortable moments with the device I did notice a lot of people making some clearly uncomfortable faces. Our editor N also stated that the device had squished his snot dispenser and made him feel like he had to become a mouth breather to continue on.

The folks at Oculus are going to have to find a way to make the thing more comfortable for all face types and shapes, either via multiple adjustments, better padding, bigger cut outs or something, or this device is bound to get a bad reputation and end up not selling well.

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